Monthly Archives: January 2014

E-Book Readers no more long waiting lists !

We are  now purchasing e-books through Oneclick Digital that are available exclusively to Sherburne Memorial Library Patrons.

Free Webinars  are available just click the Webinar link.

New titles for download:

Trial of Elizabeth Cree/ Ackroyd, Peter

Lullaby/ Palahniuk, Chuck

The Children/ Halberstam, David

A Boy’s Life /  McCammon, Robert R.

Blessing in Disguise/  Goudge, Eileen

The Whiskey Rebels: A Novel/ Liss, David

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Changes at the helm of SML

Sherburne Memorial Library’s Gail Weymouth has announced her retirement after 30 years as Library Director effective February 2014.  ” I have had a rich and wonderful career in Killington, and believe 30 years as Library Director is a good time to bid farewell,” It’s true,” Weymouth says “the library has been my baby, and I will miss it, but just like my children there comes a time to let go.”

” I am very pleased to pass the baton to Jane Napier on February 3, 2014.”  Jane substituted  as  Children’s librarian  for several months in 2007.  “Change is good and exciting.  I believe the community will embrace Jane Napier, and welcome her as I was welcomed three decades ago. Jane has the passion and vision I believe are critical lead this community gem into the future.”