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Technology Intern at SML

Sherburne Memorial Library is delighted to announce that help has arrived for Killington’s  Computer Uses.  Brandon Muir will be joining the library staff on Friday afternoons as part of his CCV Technology Internship.  Brandon will be available from 1-5 pm to provide one on one assistance to anyone needing  their own personal “geek.”  Bring your laptop, mobile device or learn on one of the library’s public computers.  Don’t be shy.

Thanks to the Vt Department of Libraries and Community College of Vermont for making this internship possible.  We can now provide a service that has been desperately needed.

For more information call the library 422-9765.

Ars Poetica

“Love of the written word”

4th  Wednesday of the month from 6-8 pm

Bring your original writings or those of others to read. Come to listen

Refreshments served

All are welcome. Donations accepted

For more information contact:

Lauren Jane Wilder

Think before you post

“The Internet not only duplicates, it never forgets!

It is easy to share and store information, but it is almost impossible to tell the Internet to forget and “unshare” information, because you no longer control it. People repost and forward content they like; websites and search engines automatically and continuously pick up and duplicate content from the web–but deletion is almost never automatic.

In other words, avoid posting anything you wouldn’t want to have permanently “on the record” – See more at Teaching Privacy.