Service Policy and General Operation

Mission Statement:
The Sherburne Memorial Library is the living room of the community serving as common ground where all are welcome. The library offers current and significant resources and services to meet the cultural, intellectual, informational, and personal needs of individuals.

  1. The Library is a municipal institution. It provides the community the opportunity to learn, grow and acquire knowledge independently via a diverse collection of materials in various formats. The library serves as the community’s link to the information superhighway as well as community meeting center. The library is the only town funded educational institution that serves the youngest to the oldest citizens.

    The focus of library service is on the preschool years promoting reading readiness, and adult independent learning and recreational reading.

    The library strives to provide a current collection, exciting and innovative programs, access to the information superhighway through direct on-line access and provide resources for patrons to learn independently.

  2. General operation of the library
    • The library is open to all people free of charge. Service will not be denied because of age, religion, race, sex, social, economic or political status.
    • The library is open 39 hours per week. The library observes all Federal holidays. In addition, the library is closed Thanksgiving weekend and at the discretion of the Librarian and the Board.
    • There are no overdue fines, but patrons are encouraged to make donations to the conscience fund.
    • The library charges for the use of the copy machine.
    • A 5 member Board of Trustees duly elected at Town Meeting on a rotating basis governs the library. As dictated by the Vermont Statues, the Trustees are responsible for all areas of the library. The Trustees will submit an annual budget to the Selectmen through the Town Manager. Following Town approval, the Board of Trustees will manage those monies in the Town’s General Fund. The Board of Trustees has final authority on all matters of policy.
    • The use of the library or its services may be abridged or denied by the Librarian for due cause. Such cause may be failure to return books, destruction of library property, disturbance or harassment of other patrons or any objectionable conduct on library premises.
    • The Trustees hire a Library Director to carry out policy and the operation of the library. The Library Director is responsible for staffing and supervision of the library.
    • The Librarians and the Board of Trustees shall cooperate with schools, community organizations, and other libraries to strengthen the services and resources of the library.
    • In accordance with Bulletin Board Policy announcements of programs open to the public may be displayed in the library with the permission of the Library Director.
    • In accordance with the Art Exhibit Policy hobby, craft, and art exhibits shall be encouraged but displayed at owner’s risk; owners are required to sign a release for this purpose.
    • In accordance with Meeting Room Policy, area non-profit organizations may use the library for meetings or programs with permission of the Director as long as they do not interfere with library operations.
    • Amendments to these policies may be proposed at any Library Board meeting, made known to any member not present, and voted on by a majority at the next meeting of the Board of Trustees.
    • Library policies will be reviewed annually.

October 1995
Revised December 2011

readopted May 2013