Bulletin Board Policy


The Sherburne Memorial Library bulletin boards are available for the display of approved posters and notices.

All requests for use must be submitted to the Director and may be subject to approval by the Library Board of Trustees.
Material displayed is restricted to announcements of:
-Library-related programs and services.
-Cultural events of community-wide interest with local community events taking precedence when space is limited.
-Non-commercial events of community-wide interest and available to the general public.
-Items in general support of community service organizations.
-In general, announcements devoted primarily to fund-raising are not acceptable.
-Size and appearance of material is taken into consideration.
-Any posting without the Director’s initials will be removed immediately.

Adopted 10/27/99
Revised 6/8/2005
Readopted 9/12/07

Revised 1/16/ 2013